Full-stack marketing
& creative direction

I help startups find their voice, story and users.

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What I do

Make that thing of yours even better

I can help either with the big picture or with specifics.

The full shebang

  • Build killer "full-stack" marketing strategies.
  • Lead creative efforts.
  • Create multichannel advertising campaigns.
  • Audit your current marketing / creative efforts and issue a report on how you can improve it by yourself.

Shoe shine

  • Copywriting / micro-copywriting
  • "Growth hacking"
  • Community building
  • Funnel optimization
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Content development / direction for social media, etc.
  • UX


  • Not sure what you need? I can help with that too.



Native Tel-Avivian, professional copywriter, marketer and creative lead, amateur photographer, designer and coder, Bowie fan, interwebs enthusiast, what-ifer, over-thinker, jack-of-all-trades and master of some.


My core skills are writing and storytelling. That's how I found myself in advertising. I started as a junior copywriter when I was twenty and spent about 4 years in two different agencies that specialized in youth and teenagers (sounds evil doesn’t it? It was, a bit 👹). And also why I studied literature at Tel Aviv University. For three semesters. Grandma wasn't pleased. But neither was I with the university. After her initial heartbreak she told me that "the heart wants what the heart wants". I had no idea what it was at the time. But I knew it wasn't the academia nor advertising.

I got into startups 'by accident' through a freelance job about 4 years ago. (it was after my 4 years in ad agencies and I was freelancing to finance my studies). It was supposed to be a one-time copywriting gig for a messaging startup, but I ended-up working with them regularly, directing their content, branding and messaging. That's when I learned about the ins and outs of a startup for the first time. I’ve been engaged with startups in one way or another ever since. Both as a freelancer and employee. I started my first full-time position at a startup shortly after dropping-out. It was a video ad-tech startup, in which I served both as creative director and product manager.

    In addition I also:

  • Worked as a marketing and content director for two hotels, where I had the chance to expand my marketing scope and strengthen my skills even more
  • Opened a small hub for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups.
  • Organized a series of meetups about Israeli innovation.
  • Made an attempt to found a startup of my own, which ultimately failed marvelously. The idea was to create a “visual radio” of bite-size evergreen content, designed for short attention span usage.

My most recent position was CMO at an awesome startup called hoop.


I’m passionate about design (I attended a year-long design preparatory class during Uni), UX, innovation, photography, internet culture (reddit 🕶), storytelling (if you think Breaking Bad is anywhere close to The Wire or The Sopranos let's just stop here) and tahini.

I also dig cycling, performing arts, cats and electronic music. But mostly cats.

Skills / languages

  • Hebrew Mother tongue
  • English Bilingual proficiency
  • <HTML> + CSS{} Great
  • Javascript Meh still learning
  • Wordpress Great
  • UX prototyping tools Great
  • Marketing witchery tools Great
  • Photoshop Good

I love working with startups mostly because I admire how it’s essentially about squishing together creativity and innovation in order to generate an actual value.

I aspire to do the same.

Mic drop 🎤

Wtf is

Full-stack marketing

“Full-stack marketing” is a dynamic approach to marketing, centered on cost-effective growth / user-acquisition. It covers all aspects of digital marketing with the purpose of finding the best combination of techniques and tactics for each individual case.

Its wide scope and agileness makes it especially popular with startups.

The term “full-stack marketing” is borrowed from the term “full-stack developer” which describes someone who is familiar with and is able to work with every aspect of software development (front-end to back).


  • Marketing strategy
  • Growth hacking
  • Community building
  • Social media
  • ASO
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • Influencer marketing
  • Funnel optimization
  • PR
  • Product marketing

Creative direction

10 different creative directors will give you 11 different answers. Creative direction, as I see it, is the intersection where strategy, storytelling and style meet.

It’s about shaping and steering the voice, story and reason of being of a company ( / brand / product), using whatever means at disposal (e.g. UX, copywriting, etc.), in order to position it and help it reach its business goals the best possible way.

Basically it’s what to say (story) and how to say it (style) in order to achieve one’s goals (Strategy).


  • Creative strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Micro-copywriting
  • Design / art-direction
  • Content development & direction
  • UX
  • Concept development
  • Identity & messaging

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